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About Us

We are a company specializing in the production of TPE sex products manufacturers, with 15 years of industry experience.




Our Story

What's our Major?

From product design and development to standardized management of production, and then to good quality testing, as well as packaging and shipping, one-stop service. 

In addition, we are also a long-term partner of well-known brands at home and abroad, and our quality has been highly appreciated by our peers.

Why we run this website?

We have been engaged in the sex toy industry for more than ten years. In order to help more customers obtain high-quality products with a sense of design and meet the real needs of customers, from the beginning of the generation of processing to integrated customized services, strictly master every process, provide customers with quality service.

Our Factory

Standard Production​

According to the quality standard established by the company, our staffs make a standard operation, avoid the flow of unqualified products out of this process.

It is not perfect to make quality control after the production, we need to stop it before.

Quality & Quantity

Keep production synchronized with each process in the production site. 

Each process only stores the standard in the product quantity, does not exceed the production quantity, eliminates the process invalid labor and the product damage phenomenon.

Our Team

Mingo Hsu


Amos Mok

Sales Manager

Jack Wong


We Solve Whole Problems

What Can We Do For You?​

For Designer

Supply professional product suggestions to you, base on your effect drawings.

For Wholesaler

Recommend local best-selling products and solve import business problem.

For Consumers

Provide you with one-to-one service to help you know our products.

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