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How to Build Up A Sex Toys Business – I

In the previous article, we mentioned whether sex toys could import into your country.
After you know about it, some friends will consider:
“If I want to start my own business by importing toys, how can I do?”

Part – I – Analyse Myself

First of all, we could sort out and list our actual situation.
Take a brief analysis for yourself through SWOT:

In other words, it means: know myself.
We could analyze ourselves from the following four points:

(Follow the instruction below and fill the form)


Knowing our strengths will help you give full play and maximize your ability.
But due to self-deprecation or self-contempt, it is hard for us to be objective and find the bright spots in ourselves.
So we could consider ourselves from these ways:

  • Do I prefer digital analysis of platform sites or social media operations? 
  • Is there anything I am better than others, such as circles, resources, funds, personal ability?

We are better at discovering our weaknesses than listing our strengths.
Weaks are the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward and achieving a good life, and we need to conduct a rigorous self-examination in this part.
What resources do I lack:
the funds, the resources, the circles, or my ability?


The chance that we have in our social environment.
A company can not get rid of the social environment to exist alone, and it is the key to achieving the goal and seizing the chance of time.

  • In our social environment, what are the development prospects of this business in my country? 
  • Is the policy good for me to sell this product?
  • What is the market trend of this business?
  • What kind of ability should I have to seize this chance?

The Threats that we will face in our social environment.

  • What are the actual obstacles to carrying out this business? 
  • What are the environmental factors that cannot be changed even if we continue to improve? 
  • Will our experience and skills be out of date? 
  • What are the factors that hinder our personal development in this industry? 

After roughly analyzing, we could solve the problem based on the actual situation:

How to deal with it?

For example:

Strengths + Opportunity
  • The perfect supply chain system locates in the production circle of adult products.
  • Have a high degree of control over the price and quality of raw materials. 
  • The integration of multi-resources is conducive to the development of our company. 
  • Firm industry choice and set long-term aim, full play to our advantages. 
Weakness + Opportunity
  • Make a phased study plan to get self-improvement.
  • Make up for the lack of ability.
  • Correct the state of mind.
  • Build confidence. 
Strengths + Threats
  • Give full play to our strengths
  • Multi-dimensional business strategy
  • Expand the industrial chain or field
Weakness + Threats
  • Adjust short-term goals.
  • Pay attention to market trends.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Respond to emergencies at any time. 

After a simple analysis, I think you already know yourself roughly. You can see the resources, advantages, and development direction.
Entrepreneurship is a process of continuous thinking and improvement, accompanied by the emergence and solution of problems.
But remember, don’t indulge in over-self-analysis, which will only waste time.
We only know ourselves after we have tried.

OK. After then, we can take a break and prepare for our further work
Think a Name.

To be continued.

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