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How To Import Sex Toys From China?

When you start a business about sex toys or would like to shop overseas, China is your best choice to do it well. But you may have a question:

How can I purchase sex toys from China?

Before carrying out the shopping idea, you need to know whether importing sex toys are illegal in your country. Many countries prohibit from importing or selling synthetic sex organs, such as the below map:

After making it clear and knowing if it is illegal, you could look for a company to continue the ideas. 

How to find a dependable supplier? 

Google Search. 

Adding some keywords like Factory, Wholesale, OEM, Manufacturer, Customized, Supplier, etc.

And then you could analyze their websites and send them an email, and ask their questions directly

If their answer is irrelevant, I think you know how to distinguish. And you also could Make a Phone/Video Call with them before order or production. 

Companies develop business on google and spend lots of money on advertising and exhibition. Most of us are trying to give the clients the best service and hope to make a long-term business relationship with them.

Alibaba and AliExpress“: Famous B2B and B2C platforms from China for customers who start their own business or need to customize the product.

Amazon“: Big B2C company from the US, but now it has expanded business in a different country, such as the UK, JP, UAE, ID, etc.

CrazyPeas“: A new platform for customizing sex toys. More than ten years of experience in sex toy products.

In addition to these platforms, Lazada, Shopeeand another regional one, you are also worth trying.

Select one of the platforms, through keyword screening and corresponding pictures, select one or more to compare and understand the products that match you.

I think you will have another question: 

What information should I know before I buy it?

In addition to the: quantity, size, color, product material, and own real needs are also important. In the following article, we will discuss how to choose your favorite sex toys.

After learning the information, if you think this product is very suitable, you can place an order with the seller.

So far, you have completed most works for importing, and then leave it to the seller to operate and wait for the goods to arrive in your country.

In addition, we still need to know the shipment method.

Mode of transportation

In China, most sellers distribute adult toys through China Post.

China Post supplies better prices and services. It also could be delivered to most overseas countries and regions. Although it is slower than the express, it is still a perfect choice for you.

When the goods arrive at the customs, you only need to pay a small amount of import duty to clear the Customs, and then you can wait for the final delivery.

The delivery time is about two weeks to a month.

Some buyers will choose International Express delivery for transportation too. Usually, this kind of product is customized.

Through international express, the seller and the buyer can confirm the order rapidly and then continue the next round of negotiations.

After confirming the samples and completing the bulk cargo, there will be some transportation methods: International Express, Air, Sea, Land.

According to the product volume, with battery or not, communicate with the seller in detail, choose the appropriate shipping method, and complete the purchase of the whole batch of goods.

Of course, if you are often engaged in commodity import, you would have your own cooperative forwarders in China. What we need to do is send goods to your forwarder and complete the delivery.

In a word

The whole process of import seems to be very complicated, but it is so simple.  The main point you need to know is whether it is legal to import adult products in your country, no more difference between normal product imports and sex toys.

All right, that’s all for today’s sharing. If you have any questions, you can leave us a comment below. 

26 thoughts on “How To Import Sex Toys From China?”

  1. Good day

    I would like to ship sex toys from China to South Africa. When you ship them in do you have to declare to customes the content of your box? As in like it sex toy…

    1. Good day

      I am a web and app designer currently building my own online sex toy shop.

      I am looking to import the products from China to South Africa (seems to be legal to do so)

      Will you kindly send me any or all the information regarding this matter as I wish to get this started ASAP

      Kind regards,

      1. Currently in the process or starting my adult toys company can you send me a detailed email also.
        Thank you in advance ☺

  2. Hello, i want to start a sex toy buisness in india. Can u tell me from where i can get sex toys for there a way to import sex toys from China to india.. thanks in advance..

  3. Hello please I would like to start a sex toy wholesale business in Nigeria. please can you tell me how to source for the products, what companies in China to import to Nigeria hitch free and any other advice that I need to know before I proceed?

  4. I’d like to open an adult products business in USA. I will be needing a wholesaler to provide access to my required inventory. Could you please send a catalog of your products to help me succeed in my endeavors.
    Thank you very much.

  5. Hello, wife and I are interested in creating an online adult products store. Looking for inventory from China and a safe and reliable method of getting product in to the US.

  6. Hi I am wanting to start a business selling sex toys in the UK? PLEASE can I have some information and help from yourself

  7. Hello please I would like to start a sex toy
    business in Nigeria. please can you tell me how to import original the products, what companies in China to import to Nigeria hitch free and any other advice that I need to know before I proceed?

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